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Carrdus School

Back to School for Carrdus pupils

Event Whole School

We are so delighted to be back at school. The sound of children learning brings the building to life and the children are eager to get stuck back into their class routines! We caught up with two of our classes, Year 6 and Year 3 to find out how they feel about being back at school;

1. What did you miss the most about school while you were home learning?

Our friends and speaking to people.

I missed all my friends and teachers (Lana)
I missed going on the bus! (Evran)
I missed being organised like we are at school! (Poppy)
I missed the school grounds (Ruben)
I missed all the different subjects (Esme)
I missed doing clubs (Hettie)

2. Was there anything in particular you can do at school which you couldn’t have done at home while you were home learning?

You don’t have any issues with being in a call at school and people can’t leave when you are doing group work.
Having my teacher there in person to help me and to spot when I needed help.
PE is much easier.

Play with our friends (Bea)
Doing actual Sport lessons (Henry)
Visiting the school library to choose books (Holly)
Doing real science experiments (Evran)
We didn’t get to spend time with other teachers at home (Specialist Teachers etc)
I couldn’t concentrate as well at home (Poppy)

3. What did you enjoy the most during the Carrdus Distance Learning Programme?

Getting my yoga mat out for PE and my dogs joining in!
Friday Fun- especially the milkshakes.
Making chocolate and doing Dragon’s Den.
We had more time with our families.

You can spend more time with your brothers and sisters (Bea)
You could work with your family (Ruben)
In breaktimes, you could play with your own toys! (Huw)
I could call my Dad on command when I needed help! (Poppy)

4. What are you most excited about doing now you are back at school?

Things being back to normal again!
All the different things we can do properly like being in the science lab.
Working in the Innovation corner and our new classroom looks so good.

That I can see everyone’s real faces! (Evran)
Doing real work in lessons (Ruben)
Learning about skeletons and Mr Bones (our skeleton friend!) (Hettie)
I enjoy having variety at school (Poppy)

With the implementation of robust protocols and the support of our Parent community, we are delighted that the children have shown such resilience and determination, returning to their classes as if they had never been away. Well done everyone!



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