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Carrdus girls awarded Visual Arts Scholarships to Tudor Hall

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We are delighted to announce that Tudor Hall has recognised a talented group of pupils from Carrdus this year in their awarding of the four Visual Art scholarships.

Awards were presented to Year 6 pupils, Marissa, Emer, Imani-Zara and Thea.

All of the girls are skilful and dedicated artists in their own right, producing work of a high standard. They all work independently, showing a natural love of and flair for making and creating. They attended art workshops and researched their own artist, visiting galleries and absorbing the art lessons.  

In their interviews they spoke eloquently, delighting and impressing their interviewees with their mature and thoughtful answers. They had obviously thought deeply about their work, and the scholarship afforded them an opportunity to really show the true breadth of their knowledge and understanding. For a school such as Tudor Hall to acknowledge their skill set is an affirmation of their hard work, diligence, and expertise.  

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