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Lockdown Dinosaur Craft

Art Whole School

This easy dinosaur craft will be a hit with children of all ages. It is a chance to get creative, get messy and of course, build on fine motor skills using hand-eye coordination and increasing the dexterity of hand muscles. Creativity is important for self-expression and fosters mental growth by enabling an opportunity to problem solve and by including the use of shapes, colour and textures, children can be masters of their own designs.

You will need for your dinosaur:
Cardboard from boxes
Old drawings to cut up/paper from the recycling/ wrapping paper/magazine pages etc.
A4 piece of paper if you are making your own paper with acrylic paint, brushes and water
Glue and scissors
Pens, coloring pencils, paint to decorate
Optional: Anything at home you can stick on: sequins, buttons pencils to add to the print when dry

1. Make your own paper if you need to with coloured pens or paint. Let it dry.
2. After watching the help video, cut out your dinosaur body and legs.
3. Decorate with felt tips and collaged pieces of paper from old drawings, magazines, wrapping paper, recycling or your own paper.

1. You can make TWO dinosaurs so that they have someone to play with.
2. Decorate both sides of your dinosaur.
3. Why not create a habitat for your dinosaur to live in!

We hope you enjoy this simple craft activity, don’t forget to share your creations with us and hashtag #CDLP.



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