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Carrdus School

Supporting Anti-Bullying Awareness Week 16th - 20th November 2020

Whole School Event

The happiness of the children at Carrdus is prevalent throughout the school and we invest in the wellbeing of all students by engaging in a number of activities from Mindfulness PE sessions to the implementation of a ‘Buddy’ system by our Year 6 students in their Positions of Responsibility and of course, the Carrdus Pathway our holistic approach to learning throughout the year groups. Alongside this, we engage in number of national campaigns with one of these being ‘Anti-Bullying Awareness Week’ held every year in November and highlighting the importance of inclusion and celebrating diversity, as we do at Carrdus. Our small class sizes allow us to be aware of and immediately tackle any classroom issues should they arise. Our open-door policy ensures each child knows they are valued and that their feelings can be both expressed and addressed with an adult or peer.

Year 2 Teacher Mrs Mills said; “On Monday 16th November 2020, we asked all children and staff to celebrate Anti Bullying Awareness Week by donning their ‘Odd Socks,’ paying tribute to the campaign which highlights the fact at we are all different and unique. Throughout the school, classes accessed a range of material across the curriculum to engage with the campaign. On Friday, we will also be dedicating a whole school assembly to celebrate the importance of this week which will be led by Mr Way.”

The children had a fantastic time showing off their bright and colourful odd socks, giving them a chance to express their own individuality and get creative with their footwear.

At Carrdus school we regularly update and publish our Bullying Policy (available on our school website) which focuses on the different forms of bullying since the use of gaming and social media applications among children has increased and we ensure our students are aware of the level of behaviour we expect from them as well as offering advice on Internet Safety and what do to if you feel you are being bullied. We offer a listening, sympathetic ear in confidence to any child who may feel singled out for any reason and will address the class appropriately, so no child suffers alone.

The role of our Year 6 Pathway Ambassadors is to instil the 5 attributes that make up the Carrdus Pathway (Confidence, Empathy, Resilience, Imagination, Independence) across the school, setting the example to all students and ensuring inclusion of all and showing support, should any child need it. By allowing each child the freedom to be themselves and express their individuality, we hope to create a harmonious, exciting and nurturing environment for our pupils.

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