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Former Carrdus pupil earns academic scholarship at Tudor Hall School


Former Carrdus pupil earns academic scholarship at Tudor Hall School

Here at Carrdus, we love to shout from the rooftops about pupil success and we were delighted to hear from recent leaver Zara, who spoke to us about her exciting journey to our partner school Tudor Hall.

After passing her entrance exams in the Autumn term of Year 6, Zara was invited to apply for the Academic Scholarship at Tudor Hall School for when the time came for her to leave Carrdus School.

Having demonstrated commitment to her learning journey throughout her time at Carrdus, Zara’s Teachers supported the invitation from Tudor Hall as the Scholarship would enable Zara to fulfil her academic interests, personal ambition and all-round potential in a whole variety of subjects. These scholarships are not awarded lightly and there must be something very special about a recipient. 

Academic Scholarships at Tudor Hall are awarded on the basis that the pupil wishes to join and contribute to the school and in recognition of their interest in a particular discipline. In Zara’s case, this was due to her consistently achieving a high standard across the subjects and her impressive presentation to the board on American activist Rosa Parks, reciting one famous speech word for word.

Alongside Tudor Hall’s ‘Aim Higher’ Programme, the Scholarships on offer broaden the horizons of the student in a whole range of subjects and activities and for Zara, this was encouraged and supported by the Carrdus School teaching team and where the foundations for Zara’s academic success were indeed, laid. 

Zara said: “If you apply for a Scholarship, you must not be nervous on the day, believe in yourself and even if it does not go to plan, don’t give up – keep working hard,”

Zara has now settled into her new school. Zara goes onto say: “I have been learning so much at Tudor Hall, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and especially Latin, which I have found interesting. I have had so much fun making new friends and attending school events such as the Open Air Cinema and Tudor Fest.”

At Carrdus School we offer support in choosing the right secondary education for your child that extends beyond the classroom and we will help both Parent and child in choosing the right secondary education when the time comes to move on from Carrdus School. We very much believe that we are responsible for setting the foundations of a wholesome education and that the pupils who leave us are confident in their ability and eager to challenge and engage in new subjects. We have close links with many senior schools and of course, with Tudor Hall and can arrange interviews with and talk through the process at any point of your child’s education with us, making the transition seamless and natural.

Zara is just one example of the exceptional students who leave us at the end of Year 6. She is a credit to us as a school, and we have no doubt she will do well and go far at Tudor Hall.

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