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Rocking the Lockdown - #carrdusathome

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Carrdus at Home – Rocking the Lockdown!

In these unprecedented times, the collective Carrdus community have come together in trailblazing a path through all the uncertainty and challenges, with a phenomenal sense of positivity, creativity and resilience. Amid the unfolding of a new and unexpected reality, a powerful feeling of togetherness and shared support has emerged in a united response from Carrdus teachers, staff, children and parents alike.

The first week of #carrdusathome has been truly inspirational! The level of enthusiasm and engagement from all pupils really bears witness to the strong relationships and enduring respect between the teaching staff and children at Carrdus.

In English, Year 1 have been getting to grips with instructional writing from the comfort of their own kitchens. Students have been making delicious jam sandwiches and scrumptious porridge, writing clear step by step instructions, which also included doing the washing up! Meanwhile, Year 6 have been writing a paragraph each day to create a detailed biography of an elderly person who is experiencing self-isolation. Pupils have been encouraged to phone, Skype or Facetime their chosen person each day to give their writing depth by using tangible insights and understanding. Children have then been uploading their work so that they can receive timely, precise feedback and support to extend their skills.

The Carrdus Distance Learning Programme, which will go live on Tuesday 21st April, will provide a robust platform to deliver the school’s trademark level of outstanding teaching across the curriculum for the Summer Term. Further details will be sent to parents during the Easter holidays, with clear explanations and guidance about what to expect from the tailored plans, which sensitively accommodate the different approaches and varied circumstances of all Carrdus families.

With so many uplifting stories and pictures being shared, don’t forget to use the hashtag #carrdusathome and tag @CarrdusSchool while you’re rocking the lockdown!

Throughout these times of physical distance and separation, the Carrdus community spirit continues to offer a vital place of immediate closeness and connection.

Stay home. Stay safe. Keep learning!



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